Hive Montessori School


At Hive Montessori our vision to “Reimagine school life” for our children has been with the focus to celebrate the independence, creativity, and endless imagination in every child. As educators, we consciously keep revisiting the purpose of education for our children in every initiative we take and new change we bring about. Set against a canvas of true sustainability and encouragement to free- thinking, our children will set new benchmarks for the future in creating positive environmental, societal and community impact.

Play School in Shenoy Nagar
Toddler to 6 years
Lower Elementary
Grades 1-3
Upper Elementary
Grades 4-6
Grades 7-12

Our Vision is clear...

   To be the school that creates a Future of Learning through Student-Centred, Self-Directed, Real-Life Exploratory Montessori Schooling Environment.   

We strongly believe that the true success of our Vision at Hive Montessori School lies in the manifestation in our students of a transformative and future-shaping mindset: an earned credence in their inner worth and ability, with a deep gratitude for community and the confidence that comes from knowing themselves as architects of their own lives.