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The innate qualities of Montessori education

“All children are different. They have a different outlook, a different spirit. Montessori caters to those differences.” 

Maria Montessori saw, every child has their own skills and talent, which needs a little push to make them succeed in life. These traits are to be activated in a child at the right time of their brain development. 

Children’s brains are open to grasp everything quickly, in their earlier stage of development. Thus every child must be approached in a perfect method that would help them grow at the same time, without disturbing their enjoyment. 

What is Montessori education? 

Montessori education is a scientific approach that emphasizes independence and respect for the psychological, physical, and social development of children. This Montessori education method was developed by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori. 

It is based on the concept that every child is an exceptional person with immense potential, a desire to learn, and a need to be active. As a result, each student has to be guided through the learning process by the teacher using materials that are appropriate for their requirements and learning style. 

Here we will be discussing the key factors of Montessori education that will aid in your child’s intellectual growth. 

Curiosity to discover? 

We all were born with an inborn curiosity. Children will be more curious to learn things. But in conventional schools, the curriculum is more focused on academics. In Montessori schools, teachers trigger curiosity inside a child through the content they deliver and the questions they raise to the children. They provide good examples for their students and encouraging them to pursue their interests in learning about various subjects. 

Freedom to explore

In a conventional school curriculum, children will follow the teacher’s instruction. Their freedom to explore is limited. But in the Montessori curriculum, the classroom environment will help the children to explore both physically and mentally. This fosters their innate curiosity, and makes them free to explore and absorb information about their surroundings. They take time to learn, but learning by themselves will be a great experience in their life.  

Children’s Choice of activity

The Montessori classroom is set up by the adult to encourage the children’s comfortability, independent exploration and learning through practical exercises and lessons. Typically, a teacher will offer students a selection of practical assignments to complete during the day. Based on the kids’ ages and requirements, the teacher chooses the exercises to introduce or reinforce concepts and abilities. This method has the advantage that students can learn and create activities that are appropriate for their age, skill level, and interests.  

Respect for the student

Respect for children is a major component of Montessori philosophy. Respecting each child’s individuality, freedom of movement, ability to make their own decisions, and ability to do tasks at their own pace all fall under this category. Montessori teachers approach their work and interactions with kids from a point of sincere respect. 

Self-directed learning

The Montessori method of teaching encourages children in “freedom with boundaries,” which is also known as “self-directed work.” Every day, kids have a choice of activities from their teachers. Once an activity has been selected, teachers allow the children to spend a lot of time on it. Children are allowed to select an activity that attracts their personal interest or attention. The child can complete their task at their own pace. In other instances, they might form a group with a few other children who are equally interested in that particular subject or activity. Through exploration, they learn as a team, grow, and make discoveries on their own.

Prepared Environment

The prepared environment is the main thing in a Montessori classroom. We create motivating and comfortable learning environments for our students. Children’s logical brain processes can grow more easily when there is a clear sense of order. Children are free to pursue their interests, pick their activities, and go on at their own speed in this environment.


Your child can learn a lot more if you choose a Montessori education. They will not only learn how to be independent, passionate, and self-directed learners; they will also acquire the abilities needed to succeed in both school and life.