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The Future of Learning at Hive Montessori School through Student-Centred, Self-Directed, Real-Life Exploratory Montessori Schooling Environments.

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The Dream

Hive Montessori school is an upshoot of the dream of two generations of Education lovers. Our Montessori vision is deeply rooted in our thoughts and hearts for the love of a rich upbringing and a happy childhood for our children. 

Our founder is a Montessorian with more than 25 years of experience in the field of Montessori education. Her Educational journey and the wish to serve the children started in the year 1997. Since then, she has been the Correspondent and Head of Montessori schools and mentored numerous teachers and students. Her first student is a proud IIT Aluma today and a well accomplished happy Montessori child.  

Our Team

Teachers are the foundation of any school. At Hive we are determined to find the best of teachers, but also the best who are able to resonate with our passion and take our vision and dream as theirs and exhibit their dedication to serve the child. 

At Hive Montessori school, we have a team of Montessori trained teachers and experienced educators. Our Senior leadership team of the school, our Academic Director and members of the board are Montessorians with training and accreditations from UK and Europe. 

Our Founder’s dream is now a collective dream of each and everyone of us at Hive Montessori school and we work tirelessly with dedication as a family to bring that dream to life for our children.

What we do

At Hive Montessori School, we stand back and let the children show us their strengths, we let them witness and independently discover what they are interested in. The hands-on aspects with our curated didactic material allow children to have that concrete experience before they move into the abstract world. This is something they can feel, they can touch, and they can manipulate, which really aids learning and validate their learning in a larger extent. 

We aim and want every parent in our Hive community to feel satisfied and positive that their child is having an enjoyable and memorable schooling experience that they will cherish for a lifetime.

We invite you to take a tour of our environment and witness the Montessori magic yourself.

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