Hive Montessori School

Montessori Primary


Our Toddler and Montessori Pre School program is for children in the age range of 18 to 36 months (1.6 – 3 years old) where the child’s Foundation is laid.

This is the fastest period of development in a child’s life and is defined by the building of functional autonomy and learning through all five senses. Along with motor skills development activities we also help the child practice patience, empathy, how to take care of self and gaining confidence in the environment and people around them.  

If, as a parent, you are looking for the best Montessori Preschool in Chennai that provides meaningful early years education, Hive Montessori School supports your child with play and a robust organic Montessori Curriculum where we guide the child in creating real-life opportunities for self-directed discovery, intellectual growth, and authentic engagement with the world — both within and beyond school. Read more about the Toddler Program in Montessori Education and its advantages.


The Primary program is designed for children in the age range of 3 to 6 years. Children explore Reading, Writing, Spelling and/or Maths and benefit immensely through our Montessori curriculum. The curriculum along with the key area of development focuses on ,

  • ​Exercises of Practical Life (EPL)
  • Sensorial – Sensory development
  • Language
  • Mathematics
  • Cultural  

At Hive Montessori in addition to IEP, Arts, Music, Yoga and Sports, are part of our extended curriculum. This enhances a student’s development of outside interests, self-confidence, and leadership skills. We also integrate farm learning from the primary years.  Children who have developed academic skills, an inquisitive mind and strong work ethic in the primary environment are ready to move to Hive’s Elementary program (School Grade 1 to 6).

A Montessori Primary Child’s Characteristics

The Primary Curriculum