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Director’s Message​

Director’s Message

Sometimes it’s the simplest of things and moments that change us forever. These moments make us to just stop, drift off into the unknown thought and dwell on that moment. For a lot of people such moments come and go but for some it creates an urge, an unexpected fork in their road which they choose to travel. One such moment in my life is when HIVE MONTESSORI SCHOOL was born.

In this journey, my inner urge to Re-imagine schooling is the road that I have chosen at the fork to travel. I have always pondered over the real purpose of education and how a conventional system could affect a child’s creativity. Is what we have today and they way in which our previous generations have imagined education still suitable to the future that our children would be travelling to? Are we really living up to the trust the child has on us as adults to facilitate for them to explore the world and learn for themselves? Not just to satisfy the increasingly assessment focussed educational system but for the sheer passion and natural curiosity to know more.

Hive Montessori School – is what we offer as an answer to all the above questions. We wish to help our children realise this unexpected “moment” and not just let it go but dwell on it, work on it and travel in a path unexplored that takes them to accomplishment and joy.

Dr. Maria Montessori’s words are etched in our minds,

Rinitha Nagarethinam


“An Education Capable Of Saving Humanity Is No Small Undertaking; It Involves The Spiritual Development Of People, The Enhancement Of their Values As Individuals, And The Preparation Of Young People To Understand The Times In Which They Live”

But, we do recognise that it is certainly not a small undertaking. We always believe that Hive Montessori school is a community, and the role of the parent is as important as any other pillar that holds the school. When your child joins Hive Montessori School, you become a part of our family. Our collective effort, both at home and the school is what is going to work wonders for the child.

Join us, Together lets Empower our Children!

– Rinitha Nagarethinam