Hive Montessori School

City Campus - Shenoy Nagar West

Hive Montessori School Shenoy Nagar Chennai is now open For 2024 Admissions

Hive Montessori School - Shenoy Nagar

At Hive Montessori School’s Shenoy Nagar campus, we make sure that every child who enrolls receives a well-rounded modern international Montessori education that caters to the needs of the 21st century. Hive Montessori school strives to provide students with a top-notch Montessori education up to 12th standard that meets all international criteria and qualifications. As established by observing the free child, we create a dynamic and child-centered learning environment that fulfils the child’s natural requirements and inner urge. At Hive Montessori School, every campus receives the same level of attention and care with a centrally rolled out curriculum, therefore not compromising the standard of education. Teachers are carefully chosen, and the management gives personal care and attention to every campus. Our inviting Montessori Environments are set-up with care to allow ample light, air and space to support the freedom of movement.